May 2024 - And now for something a bit different!!

The BBC recently unveiled it’s latest incarnation of it’s world famous Dr Who series, and for the first time in a very long while, we understand that this latest season may well not feature any of the Doctor’s long term adversary in the form of Daleks!

Well it just so happens that if you have a hankering to see a Dalek up close in 2024, then all you have to do is visit the BCWM as we have a rather exclusive WWII Dalek in the museum!

Pay us a visit and see one of the world famous Daleks up close, but you have been warned it might “exterminate” you if you get too close!!!!

May 2024 - Catch us on Blaze TV!

Blaze TV in the UK is currently running a series entitled “Weird Britain” covering unexplained events around a number of different counties in England. Suffice to say no mention of Suffolk could be made without reference to the infamous Rendlesham UFO incident, and the TV crew recently paid a visit to the BCWM to meet trustee Karen Haynes and find out more about the event that took place in 1980 that has captivated so many people over the years. We believe the episode is due to air on May 15th, but take a look at their website for the schedule here.

April 2024 - Look at the Shooting Star!

After a number of years of hard work by the restoration team assigned to the BCWM’s Lockheed T-33, we are pleased to show off the finished article! We think she is looking superb after her long restoration and is now on display in the BCWM compound for all to see. You can read more about the history of our T-33 here. Well done to the restoration team for their perseverance over the last number of years – of course they will now be moving forward with another restoration project so they wont be resting on their laurels!!

April 2024 - The HAS tours are available again!.

March 2024 - Temporary suspension of HAS tours.

March 2024 - Only 2 weeks until the BCWM opens for 2024.

March 2024 - If you haven't joined as a BAS member, why not do it now?

February 2024 - Not long until the BCWM opens for 2024!

January 2024 - Visit from the GAVA in 2023.

The BCWM was visited late in 2023 by a group from the Guild of Aviation Artists who spent a day at the museum and had a sketching session throughout the day.

They are planning to return to the BCWM in 2024 so we are looking forward to seeing what sort of works they create on their next visit. Shown here is a montage of some of their 2023 visit.

Further info about the group can be found at

January 2024 - Why not join the Bentwaters modelling club?

January 2024 - Open dates for 2024!

January 2024 - Happy New Year from the BAS and BCWM!


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