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BAS & BCWM Supporter’s Wall

The BAS/BCWM is creating a Supporter’s Wall where you can add your name and help fund and support the museum for the future. If you served at the Twin Bases of RAF Bentwaters or RAF Woodbridge you can include the unit and years you served, or buy a donor plaque to remember someone who served at the Twin Bases who is sadly no longer with us. Anyone can request a plaque but please note that the names and wording are subject to the discretion of the museum trustees. There is also the option to have a painted pebble placed at the foot of the wall as well should you prefer that option.


The donation plaques (approximately 14cm x 20cm) will be placed on an outside wall close to the entrance door of the museum and be on full display to visitors. The wording will be printed onto a plaque made of an aluminium composite which will give it very good durability. We are asking for a minimum donation of £100 to have a plaque added to the wall. Or for a large hand painted pebble (painted by museum volunteers) with a name and a flag of your choice on it, we are asking for a minimum donation of £50. These will be placed along the bottom of the Supporter’s Wall.